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Zukunftswerkstatt Lausitz. Ideen für die Lausitz von morgen.

Zukunftswerkstatt Lausitz.

Ideas for the Lusatia of tomorrow.

Zukunftswerkstatt Lausitz

Zukunftswerkstatt Lausitz places the focus for the first time on the trans-regional development process for the communal municipalities of Lusatia in Brandenburg and Saxony.

Our joint project represents a key instrument for combining the different interests and starting points of various actors from business, science, culture, politics and civil society in the coming structural change and developing sustainable strategies in the structural change in Lusatia. Zukunftswerkstatt Lausitz is a project of Wirtschaftsregion Lausitz GmbH.

Our intention by the end of 2020 is to promote five key future topics amongst businesses, associations, experts, scientists, trade unions and representatives of civil society.

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Titelmotiv der Lausitzbroschüre

One region, one mission statement

Although Lusatia is four times the size of Saarland, its population density of 99 inhabitants per square kilometre means it is well below the German average (230 inhabitants/ km²). More than 1.1 million people live in the region's 235 municipalities. Our goal is to develop a common vision for the different starting points, interests and goals of the various social groups and districts.

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We intend to develop strategic concepts for the entire region that stretches from Zittau to Königs Wusterhausen and Mühlberg/Elbe to Görlitz and prepare practical and exemplary measures.

An integral part of our project will include the development of a common vision for the region.

Future topics and projects

We intend to contribute to Lusatia becoming an innovative region and strengthen the perception of the region as an attractive area to live in.

We have identified five future topics for Zukunftswerkstatt Lausitz to achieve these goals. The fields of action here are:

THE Lusatia

Lusatia is much more than just a geographical reference. The region combines diverse scenic landscapes, a naturally historical culture, an industry in transformation and people who are proud of their native region.

What we want to do is focus on the common strengths and promote the perception of the region as a whole. But what does the future of Lusatia look like?

A region in transition

In view of the federal government's climate protection goals and the ongoing withdrawal from brown coal, numerous challenges can be seen to be emerging for the region. Commissioned by the municipalities in Lusatia, as Zukunftswerkstatt Lausitz, we develop solutions and precedent-setting strategies for sustainable structural change in the region.

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For Lusatia: #lausitzstark

Zukunftswerkstatt Lausitz naturally has a strong presence on social networks as well. Under the hashtag #lausitzstark, we publish news from the Zukunftswerkstatt, and from the Lausitz region as a whole.

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